Coming Age offers custom jewelry services, including crafting original designs, custom-made dental jewelry (grillz), and repairs.
All jewelry work is done in collaboration with Montreal expert technicians to ensure outstanding quality


Send us an e-mail at with the following information:

⏤ Name and address
⏤ Project description
⏤ Type of metal & karats. We work with 925 sterling silver and gold.
⏤ Budget
⏤ Desired timeframe (Expect 4 to 8 weeks processing time)
⏤ Please let us know if the project involves repurposed heirloom jewelry


⏤ Dental jewelry or "grillz" are high-end pieces that are complex to make.
They require highly specialized craftsmanship and must be perfectly made to order to ensure a proper fit.

⏤ Grillz are fragile and should not be worn for more than a few hours at a time.

⏤ Do not eat, smoke, drink, or do any physical activity while wearing your grillz. 

⏤ After wearing, rinse with warm water and brush with a soft toothbrush.